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Minerva FC owner in a mood to tarnish the image of Odisha
Sportslogon Team April 8th 2019

Bhubaneswar : The international standard of infrastructure and commandable capacity of hosting different international events in the capital city here, presented a different level of sports friendly image of the State. Seeing the proactive interest of the State for the promotion of various sports, different national sports federation are keen to host their events at Kalinga Stadium.

In the issue of canceling the earlier decision of making Kalinga Stadium as AFC Cup venue. The State Government officially informed to the Minerva Punjab FC that due to renovation work we could not able to provide you Kalinga Stadium as your home venue for the forthcoming AFC Cup schedule to be held from May 1, June 19 and June 26.

Minerva Punjab FC club owner Ranjit Bajaj is in a mood to tarnish the image of Odisha Government’s Sports and Youth Services Department. The club has been using social media like twitter handler as a weapon by putting misleading information about the Sports Department of Odisha as well as All India Football Federation (AIFF). Sports and Youth Services Secretary Vishal Dev said " We have been shortlisted as one of the host cities for the FIFA U17 Women's World Cup 2020. FIFA does not approve a venue for the World Cup unless significant amount of renovation work necessary has been completed. Although there is time for the World Cup to commence, we unfortunately do not have the liberty of waiting as we are potentially the only venue which will require significant changes to adhere to the FIFA requirements, and we want to start that work as soon as possible. It's become impossible to accommodate Minerva Punjab's games at Kalinga Stadium."

Contacting AIFF they said there is no problem at all to change the venue. Whatever the charges made by Bajaj is only baseless but tried to bias the Indian football fans for his personal benefit. He always shows his supremacy in social media rather do any anything systematically. AIFF also informed Bajaj in order change the venue of the match. However, he has not given bit response of this query said an official who did not want to be quoted.

Senior official sources of sports dept. with anonymity said that earlier the Minerva FC had approached Trans Stadia to be one of the venues, which they wanted it for free. Trans Stadia is already an AFC approved venue and is hosting Chennaiyin FC’s AFC Cup matches.

Sources added, One of the Minerva club officials also made a remarks that the Sports Department thinking that it is a small issue, and that they need to be careful as this would be escalated to Asia level and the state could end up losing all sporting credibility they had built over the last 2-3 yrs. The club official also stated that the venue could end up getting banned and then there would be no chance of hosting the FIFA U17 WC, in order to force the department’s hand to give them the venue. .
This news was added and updated on : April 8th 2019
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