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State Govt re-appoints Romen as Badminton Academy chief coach
Sportslogon Team May 5th 2018

Bhubaneswar : Sports and Youth Services Department of Odisha has been re-appointed Romen Ghosh as Manager-Cum-Chief coach of the SAI Odisha Regional Badminton Academy for a period of six months. The department has been issued the letter on today which is effecting from April 1.

Sources said, as per the agreement with Sports Authority India (SAI) they have to provided the coaches to run the academy. After Ghose quite the post, they had already appointed a chief coach for the academy recently.

As per the SAI guidelines that no coaches will be appointed above the age of 70 years, it is applicable to the overseas coaches also. the contact period of Ghose was over with effective from 13 February 2018, sources added.

Earlier, Ghosh was submitted his resignation to the Sports Authority of India stating that due to non co-operation by Eastern Zone SAI director, he was submitted his resignation mentioning that his services will no more available from 1 April 2018. The 76-year Arjuna Awardee Ghose alleged that due to unnecessary interference by Regional Director SAI NSEC of Kolkata in the day to day functioning of the academy and also they issued me a letter that I am not following the SAI guidelines, in this condition I had tender my resignation.

In the issue of Ghose’s resignation, SAI Regional Director Manmeet Singh Goindi.told that Nobody is indispensable in this World, not even me. Sports Authority of India (SAI) runs with a principle and guidelines. The objective of SAI is to develop sports and create conjugal environment in the its official centers through out the country.

SAI is a institution who always follows its commitments, as per the understanding we will provide the coaches, physio and technical staffs to run the Odisha-SAI Regional Badminton Academy (RBI) at Bhubaneswar. .
This news was added and updated on : May 5th 2018
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