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Tata Steel revives tribal sports Chaki Khela
Sportslogon Team July 28th 2018

Bhubaneswar : To promote tribal sport of Odisha like “Chaki Khela”, Tata Steel has been engaging with the local communities and organizing various tournaments in Odisha. “Chaki Khela” is one of the oldest sports of Sourik Anchal.

This traditional sport is on the verge of extinction. It is said that, it is a popular sport among Juang tribe. The game is played with one stick and a round shaped ball (made of sleeper) between two teams, comprising of 7 to 9 players in each team.

“Chaki Khela” is one of the traditional sports of the tribes of Chingudipal Gram Panchayat in Sukinda block. This sport is not only played in Chingudipal, but also in some parts of Dhenkanal and Kendujhar districts of the State.

Taking views from the existing Chaki players of Chingudipal Gram Panchayat, Tata Steel decided to promote this tribal sport in schools and colleges of the region in and around Sukinda and Jajpur.

Recently, Tata Steel facilitated the Chaki Tournament organized by Young Utkal Club, Kumdibahali under Chingudipal Gram Panchayat. 62 teams from three districts namely, Kendujhar, Dhenkanal and Jajpur, participated in the tournament.

The company also hosted an Inter-Village Chaki Tournament at Ardapal village. 20 teams from nearby villages of Chingudipal Gram Panchayat participated in the tournament. .
This news was added and updated on : July 28th 2018
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