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Ben Johnson says Life is to live to overcome hurdles
Sportslogon Team November 3rd 2018

Bhubaneswar : To overcome from the darkest phase of my life, I convinced myself Life is to live, that is more important because once you live you can do everything.It was not easy for a young athlete who was the Canadian hero overnight become stamped as Jamaican migrants.

It was really a eye opening race for many athletes in the World, when Jamaican born Canadian sprinter Ben Johnson hit the track at Seoul in the 1988 summer Olympics, he recorded fastest 100 m run with 9.79 seconds. Later His gold medal and records were rescinded for doping.

It was the darkest phase of my life as a young athletes who want to win the gold in Olympic for the country, never thought to face such humiliation.Soon I left the hotel rooms I had reached my home by sitting in the cockpit, said Ben Johnson while sharing the stage with the author Richard Moore who wrote the book Dirtiest Race in History.

My faith in religion and family, specially my mother, she was around with me always to support me on those days. My mother told me everything will be normalise, whatever they took from you one-day you will gate back everything and I may not be alive to see that. That was the toughest period of my life. After so many years just in last week my Doctorate papers has been approved.

It is all most three decades ago, still whenever I saw the race in any moment of my life, for me its like yesterday. I gets the bozz booms every time.

Track and field is the master of all sports, for the development as a athlete you need the combination of endurance, strength, power and flexibility. It proves that track and field events master you to play other sporting events.

My first love is soccer as young boy I played lot of footballs but my coach Charlie Francis always restricted me not to play soccer I may injured which affect my sprinting dream.

In a funny mood Ben said I heard about Usain Bolt but never got the chance to meet him now he is retired. When I was running he was only two years kid.

I believe still the sporting world is not free from Dope, few athletes are also trying their faith on performance enhancing drug. I am making myself away from all such affairs, spending time coaching young athletes, added Ben. .
This news was added and updated on : November 3rd 2018
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